8 tips to avoid airline fees

Fees can multiply quickly when you buy a plane ticket so that the fare that seemed so appealing may not be so at all when calculating correctly.

Baggage registration fees, route modification, meals … Here is a list of tips to avoid giving too much of your precious dollars to airlines according to the TravelZoo website.

1. Use the 24 hours of grace. You may be unaware of this, but Transport Canada requires airlines to offer a 24-hour period after the purchase of your ticket where you can cancel your reservation without penalty if you have chosen an editable fare class, free of charge or not. . So you do not have to wait to enjoy a “great deal” since you will then have 24 hours to change your mind. The only exception is that the rule does not apply if the flight you book is leaving in the next 24 hours.

2. Know how to calculate. Does the airline with whom you are going to do business charge a fee to check in? For snacks and drinks on board? To select a seat? Take the time to calculate how much your plane ticket will cost before clicking on “Book and pay”.

3. Choose the right price. Airlines offer several fare classes and the lower fare usually does not allow you to change a booking. If you think you need to change your dates, for example, consider booking your ticket in a fare class that allows for changes.

4. Travel when it’s less busy. Traveling on the busiest days of the week (usually midweek) not only makes it cheaper to pay for your ticket, but you have the chance to get a better seat without having to pay extra. If you are even luckier, you may not have anyone by your side.

5. Save one piece of luggage instead of two. If you are not traveling with only one piece of cabin luggage, try registering only one suitcase instead of two if you are traveling as a couple. The industry standard is 23 kg for checked baggage, giving 11.5 kg per person. If you know how to pack a suitcase efficiently, the challenge is achievable.

6. Subscribe to travel insurance. Some insurances allow you to modify and even cancel your trip by reimbursing expenses incurred. However, read the conditions associated with it. Some credit cards for travelers are also accompanied by such insurance.

7. Make the changes viva voce. If you need to make changes to your reservation, take the phone instead of making the changes yourself online. The person you are going to talk to may have a less expensive solution to offer you or may have more “pity” on you than the computer.

8. Bring an empty bottle of water and snacks. If you do not have meals or refreshments included on board, put an empty bottle of water in your carry-on bag and fill it once the checkpoint is over. You can also bring snacks such as crackers, tender bars and other snack foods to avoid buying a meal on board.

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