85% of airline passengers do not know their rights and it costs them dearly

This is apparent from a study conducted by the AirHelp compensation recovery site. A little known European directive allows financial compensation up to 600 euros per person in case of delay or cancellation of theft.

When traveling by plane, knowing your rights can help you not to lose too much money. However, according to a survey of 7,000 European travelers by the AirHelp compensation website, 85% of air passengers do not know their rights in case of delay or cancellation of their flight.

An unknown European directive

Under certain conditions, European law EC 261 provides financial compensation of up to 600 euros per person. Information on which airlines seem to be careful not to communicate. Indeed, questioned by Airhelp on this subject, two out of three passengers surveyed said they had not received any information from the carrier who did not keep its punctuality commitments.

As a result, only half of the travelers affected by a cancellation or a delay write a claim for compensation.

– 42% say they do not know their rights;
– 36% think they are not entitled to compensation;
– 24% do not know how to go about filing a complaint.

A feeling of helplessness, combined with a lack of information, which results in the loss each year of 5 billion euros in compensation to which 13 million passengers were entitled.

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