Air France: under pressure, the SNPL threat to launch a strike

The National Union of Airline Pilots (SNPL) sent a letter to the new Air France-KLM General Manager in which he threatens to launch a strike soon if the wage negotiations, categorical this time, did not start “as soon as possible. possible. ”

Management set them on November 5th. The SNPL wanted the date of October 29th. He wants to go quickly in the run-up to elections in the union in early December.

Threat threat

As a non-signatory of the wage agreement in the same way as the CGT, the SNPL is furious with the date of formal opening of the categorical negotiations, concerning each category of personnel. The management set it on November 5, when the SNPL wanted October 29.

Unhappy with this timetable, the SNPL sent a letter on 23 October to the new Air France-KLM General Director, Ben Smith, to warn him of the “potentiality of a future conflict with the pilots”, if negotiations do not take place. were not open “as soon as possible”.

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