Air Indemnité spreads its wings on the European Union

The website that helps airline passengers to get compensation for delays announces a fundraising of 4 million euros. It will enable it to cover the whole of the European Union and expand its clientele of professionals.

Some frustration. Few passengers do not feel this way when they learn that their plane is delayed, upsetting their vacation or business schedule. Training engineer, aviation enthusiast but working in finance, Jerome Gratelle has not escaped. To the point of launching the website Air Indemnité which allows unfortunate travelers to be compensated. Nothing to do, however, with Thomas Cook’s customers eligible for the travel agency-specific guarantee system. Here, “everything is based on the European Regulation 261 of 2004. It stipulates that a passenger whose flight is late, canceled or who was unable to board because of overbooking, missed a correspondence, is entitled to compensation “, Summarizes the CEO of Air Indemnité.

Only these allowances, independent of a possible support of the passenger at the airport or reimbursement of the ticket, range from 250 to 600 euros depending on the distance traveled. “These amounts do not justify the use of a lawyer, so we had to industrialize the process,” continues Jerome Gratelle.

The claim is free. The engine of the website makes it possible to verify that it is admissible, in particular in terms of delays, nationality of the company and of journey. Air Indemnité is rewarded by taking a commission of 30% on the amounts recovered amicably, more in case of litigation.


Based in Boulogne-Billancourt, D & N Associés, which operates under the brand name Air Indemnité, evokes a turnover of around 15 million euros with 40 employees. Headquartered in France, the site launched in July 2014 is about to take a new step. Jerome Gratelle has indeed raised 4 million euros from A Plus Finance, Sigma Gestion and the Public Investment Bank to extend its field to the European Union.

This led him to rethink the structure of the company, the ways of working, and to review the management. “The structure is ready, we have the key talents and money,” enthuses the leader while also mentioning productivity gains and the development of the business for the account of insurers and credit card operators. The site will focus on the United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, Spain and France which provide 80% of European air traffic. The remaining 20% ​​will be treated in a more global approach.

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