Air passenger compensation becomes a lucrative market

It is the bidding between the websites that make the compensation of air passengers victims of delays or cancellation of their business.

European legislation is particularly favorable for passengers facing flight delays or cancellations. The allowances can go up to 600 euros for a flight of more than 3,500 km. According to the start-ups who specialize in helping passengers, one in two passengers would not claim his rights.

By granting a commission ranging from 18% to 30% on each file resolved, FlightRight, AirHelp, Air Indemnité or RefundMyTicket aim big. According to their estimates, just in the first half of 2018, the compensation market would represent 2.6 billion euros due to European travelers. The strikes of Air France (1.3 million passengers affected) in the first half of 2018 and those of Ryanair (55,000) this summer have inflated this cake.

Simplicity and speed of action are the main arguments that platforms put forward. In a few clicks the user knows his chances of being compensated and has only to wait. Faced with recalcitrant companies, they do not hesitate to bring cases to justice.

In addition, other actions have extended the rights of passengers since the beginning of the year, especially in the event of delay in their correspondence, even if this stopover takes place outside the European Union. Provided the flights are part of the same booking. As a result of their legal actions, these sites also advance jurisprudence. They are not necessarily a necessary passage.

It is always possible for passengers to claim their rights themselves. By looking well on the site of their company, they will be able to find the approach to follow. It is relatively simple. Still, it must sometimes insist to win the case.

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