Air tickets: 5 tips to pay less

Do you like to discover new destinations? Weekend rhymes with getaway? Holidays rhymes with disorientation? Only small problem: the air tickets are expensive, especially if you go at the last moment. To finally enjoy your escapades without breaking the bank, here are some tips that should change your life!

1. Use flight comparators

Some sites allow you to compare flights before booking your airline tickets online. However, it is necessary to consult several to find the tickets at the best price. Indeed, many flight comparators belong to airlines. So, the offers they offer are not always the best …

2. Book at the right time

There is always a “good” time to book your plane tickets. The right time is when the rates are the lowest. Some say that this moment is at least 20 weeks before the date of the flight. In reality, it is above all to be vigilant, because you can quite save more than 100 euros to a day. However, forget the month of August or the Christmas holidays …

Moreover, if you have paid less by booking your ticket well in advance, but on departure, the flight is delayed, know that you can expect to save even more money. Indeed, a flight delay, it can pay you a lot if you make a claim. As much to know!

3. Delete your cookies

Airlines use your browser’s cookies to find out which flights you are interested in. The more you research on a particular flight, the more ticket prices will increase. In order to find prices at the basic rate, simply delete cookies from your browser and refresh the page!

You can also change your computer or connect to another Wifi network. Indeed, the companies also use your IP address to track you down!

4. Bet on symbolic dates

Some dates are especially heavy for superstitious people. This is the case, for example, on Friday 13 or 11 September. If you leave on these dates does not scare you, know that it will cost much less!

5. Go on a weekday

It’s no secret that most people go on a weekend trip. Thus, the flights of Friday and Sunday are the most requested and therefore, inevitably, the most expensive. In order to lower the price of your ticket, do not hesitate to leave in the middle of the week if you have the possibility.

Likewise, leaving on Saturday can be a solution to save money. Flights early in the morning and late at night are not very popular either. To pay less, you have to be flexible!

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