Aviapartner baggage strike: No compensation for passengers

This strike by Aviapartner baggage handlers at the start of a week of holidays is a blow to all those who go on vacation. They have reserved hotels and cars on site.

Possible remedies for injured passengers

You have to know that there is a regulation that sets the rights of passengers in these situations. It has two parts. First, that of assistance which implies that the company must provide the choice to the consumer to be reimbursed or be redirected to the final destination at no additional cost.

Then there is the compensation part. Theoretically, the passengers can demand a fixed compensation (between 250 and 600 euros according to the distance of the flight). But the company can escape this obligation if it can demonstrate that the cancellation is the result of an extraordinary circumstance.

Airlines can evoke “an event beyond their control” and therefore, not want to pay.

In this case, the companies will be right to use this argument from the moment they have no control over the decision made by Aviapartner. Note that there is no direct appeal against Aviapartner. EU legislation only targets airlines that are fairly well protected in this case.

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