Baggage strike at Brussels Airport: one out of five flights canceled

One of five flights was canceled Saturday at Brussels Airport because of the strike of the operators of baggage carrier Aviapartner, said Saturday morning a spokesman for the Brussels airport. This number could still increase during the day as 70,000 people were initially expected on the first weekend of Toussaint holidays.

Aviapartner will not be handling any aircraft at Brussels Airport until Sunday 06:00 while the management of the handling company and the unions will resume their negotiations this Saturday morning at 10am. This while the airport was to accommodate 70,000 passengers this Saturday and 74,000 Sunday.

As a result, 110 of the planned 550 flights, one fifth, were canceled. A decision already made last night by most of the affected airlines. “Thanks to this, passengers will probably have been warned in time by their company and they may be less likely to go here,” says a spokesman for the airport.

Baggage canceled flights are not yet available. “These will be sent to their destination,” says Brussels Airport. “We therefore advise you to submit a baggage claim request to the local Lost & Found service of the airline. If you decide not to leave, you can contact the Lost and Found service ‘Welcome services’ at Brussels Airport. ”

Passenger baggage on arrival is also not available. Travelers will receive a code that they can use to enter a baggage claim.

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