Bankruptcy of Primera Air: what consequences for customers and agencies?

After Norwegian’s difficulties, the bankruptcy of Primera Air seems to confirm the fragility of the long-haul low cost model. Many customers will now try to get a refund.

Primera Air went bankrupt. Specializing in low-cost long-haul flights between Paris and New York, Boston or Toronto, the Scandinavian company announced on its website that its operations ceased from the beginning of the current month.

The old charter company will leave a number of air passengers in limbo. AirHelp, a claims specialist, provides some tips on pending and future claims and refunds.

The agency can be held responsible

“The complaints of passengers who have had disturbed flights are no longer valid. The injured passengers will be able to recover a ticket if they have booked their ticket as part of a package. In addition, other airlines may offer special repatriation rates for injured passengers, “says AirHelp.

Remember that if a flight has been booked through a travel agency, it can be held responsible if the flights are covered by insurance. For the case of a holiday package, the follow-up must be guaranteed.

“Air passengers who have booked their tickets directly by the company using a credit card can oppose to prevent the debit by the company,” he added. If the amount has already been debited by the companies, a document must be sent to the bank of the card holder certifying that the company has not responded to the refund request. “

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