Cobalt Air: Get a refund on your plane ticket

The low-cost Cypriot airline provided six flights a week between Beirut and Larnaca.

While Cobalt Air suspended all its operations yesterday, the Tala Tours agency, which represents the low-cost Cypriot airline in Lebanon, said it had already started paying back customers who had purchased travel documents.

“We refund all tickets and services to customers who have purchased tickets through our agency. We are not responsible for bookings made online, either directly from the company or via specialized sites, “said Tala Tour president Walid Temsah.

According to him, about 150 travelers have already made reservations via Tala Tour, while almost all of the 126 passengers scheduled to board yesterday at Beirut International Airport (AIB) yesterday could be notified before moving. The agency was not able to communicate the number of those who learned the news while living abroad. “We are also answering questions from travelers who bought their tickets without us and who are seeking reimbursement,” says Temsah, who says the company has called the customers, in a message posted on his website. internet, to “contact their credit card provider or their travel agency”.

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