Damaged or lost luggage: only 1 in 4 passengers lodge a complaint

One of the biggest concerns of business travelers flying is to have their checked luggage lost or damaged during the trip. Yet, it seems that few of them make a claim when their fear becomes reality. According to the latest AirHelp study, only 1 in 4 passengers lodge a complaint in case of loss or damage to their baggage.

The latest AirHelp study reveals that 73% of European airline passengers do not file a claim for lost or damaged baggage at the airport. However, according to the Montreal Convention, travelers can in this case be entitled to compensation up to 3000 € from the company at fault.

In one-third of cases (31%), clients did not file a claim for compensation because they did not think they were entitled to it. In addition, 26% of respondents did not know this right and 24% felt it was “not worth it” to do so.

The survey also indicates that 44% of European passengers have already experienced problems of delay, loss or damage to their checked baggage.

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