Emirates complaint

Passenger rights are regulated by European Union Law No. 261/2004, which entered into force on February 2005. They are guaranteed in case of cancellation, boarding ban or significant delay.

Financial compensation is scheduled for the injured travelers. But here it is difficult to have it by claiming it alone. 

Time saving

By using a specialized company instead of contacting the airline yourself, you save a lot of time.

Right to compensation

Delayed flight, Overbooked flight, Canceled flight, Missed connection 

– 1500 km 

€ 250

1500 km – 3500 km

€ 400

+ 3500 km 

€ 600

Legal experts to take charge of your steps

You can mount yourself a file to make you compensate but often the procedure is long and painful when you do not know the wheels.


That’s why we promote legal experts who can take care of it for you. This service is free, they will charge you a 30% commission on the amount of your compensation only if you win the procedure. If you lose, they will not ask you anything. 

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  • European Regulation 261/2004
  • Cases of inconvenience
European Regulation 261/2004

Who is affected by this regulation?

This regulation protects the passengers traveling in an airspace including the countries of the European Union but also Iceland, Norway, Switzerland and the so-called peripheral regions (DOM-TOM, Saint-Martin …). However, it is not exercised in all cases but according to a dual criterion that takes into account the origin and destination of the flight concerned and the nationality of the airline.

It therefore applies in the following cases:

– If the airline is registered in the EU, for all flights except those that connect two countries outside the airspace defined above.

– If the airline is not registered in the EU, only for flights taking place within the same airspace or having it as a starting point.

Emirates is concerned with the second case. 

Cases of inconvenience

Delay / Overbooking / Cancellation

In case of delay :

The Emirates company must assist the passengers (meals, hotel night, transfer …) in the following cases:

– On flights of less than 1500 km, if the delay is 2 hours or more;

– On flights in the EU of more than 1500 km, if the delay is 3 hours or more;

– On non-EU flights from 1500 to 3500 km, if the delay is 3 hours or more.

Only delays greater than 5 hours entitle the passenger to waive his / her trip and to have their ticket refunded by Emirates. 

In case of cancellation :

The conditions of assistance and compensation are the same as in case of delay except in exceptional circumstances (weather conditions, strike …), if the passengers were warned two weeks before the date of the flight or if a replacement seat was offered on another flight at a time that was close to the one originally planned. 

In case of denied boarding / Overbooking :

The passenger may choose between a seat on another Emirates flight or a refund. The airline must also pay compensation:

€ 250 for flights of 1500 km and under.

€ 400 for flights between 1500 and 3500 km and those over 1500 km in the EU.

€ 600 for flights over 3500 km outside the European Union. 

Emirates presentation

It is currently the largest airline in the Middle East. Based in Dubai, it offers flights to more than 140 destinations around the world.


Regularly praised for the quality of its service both on board and on the ground, the airline also improves its image by investing in other sectors such as sports.