HOP! complaint

In case of overbooking, cancellation or late flight with Hop !, know that you may be able to claim compensation or reimbursement of your airfare to the airline, according to the EU laws.

Time saving

By using a specialized company instead of contacting the airline yourself, you save a lot of time.

Right to compensation

Delayed flight, Overbooked flight, Canceled flight, Missed connection 

– 1500 km 

€ 250

1500 km – 3500 km

€ 400

+ 3500 km 

€ 600

Legal experts to take charge of your steps

We also know that your time is precious. That’s why we offer a service that will simplify the claim procedure as much as possible. You upload your pieces online, including your ticket or boarding pass, you pass a photocopy of an identity card or passport, you sign a mandate allowing the legal experts to act on your behalf and the you’re done! In just a few minutes, you delegate the management of your claim to HOP to a team of lawyers who will work hard to allow you to receive your compensation.


Legal experts work on performance. That’s why they do not ask for any money from their clients, they are remunerated according to the principle of a commission conditioned to the result. You will simply pay them a commission of 30% (ATI) on the lump sum benefits that you will receive 

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  • Overbooking
  • Delay
  • Cancellation

Overbooked flights with HOP

If there is not enough room in your Hop flight and you are then forced to wait for the next flight (this is called overbooking), Hop must offer you compensation as well only personalized assistance (overnight at the hotel, meals, airport transfer if necessary). The amount of compensation is calculated according to a European regulation.

The amount is fixed according to the distance of the planned flight. For a flight up to 1500 km, the compensation is fixed at €250. For a flight within the European Union with a distance between 1500 and 3500 km, the compensation is €400. For a flight over 3500 km, the compensation is €600. 


In case of delay

In the event of a major flight delay on departure or arrival, the airline is obliged to assist passengers by offering them board and lodging. This obligation of assistance is imposed when the delay is greater than 2 hours for the case of a flight of a distance of 1500 km; 3 hours for a flight within the European Union with a distance between 1500 and 3500 km and 4 hours for a flight over 3500 km.

In the event of a delay of 3 hours or more upon arrival at the airport, the passenger may claim compensation similar to denied boarding, unless the airline has been able to prove that the delay is due to circumstances. extraordinary.

It is nevertheless important to remember that all these rules only apply to European flights, in other words flights originating from or departing from a member state of the European Union of which France is a member. Switzerland, Norway and Iceland are also affected by these regulations. 


In case of cancellation of flight

If you have been the victim of a flight cancellation with HOP, be aware that you can receive the same compensation as during an overbooking. However, compensation in the event of cancellation is not mandatory in some cases:

– passengers are not entitled to compensation in the event that the cancellation of HOP flight is due to a case of force majeure, a climatic phenomenon for example.

– the compensation does not take place if HOP has informed the passengers at least two weeks before the date of the flight.

– the compensation does not take place if HOP has nevertheless managed to route the passenger to destination at a time substantially equal to that which was previously provided. 

HOP! presentation

The airline HOP was born from the merger between three former regional Air France subsidiaries: Brit Air, Régional and Airlinair. The company currently serves a little less than forty destinations in France, offering flights from major regional cities, as well as fifteen European destinations, and employs about 1800 people.


HOP’s fleet is made up of around a hundred medium-sized aircraft, perfectly suited for flights over relatively short distances. It has about twenty ATR, straight-wing aircraft equipped with turboprop engines (propeller engines) designed by an Airbus subsidiary, as well as aircraft produced by Canadair and Embraer manufacturers perfectly suited to short and medium-haul flights.