Jetairfly complaint

Although reliable with regard to its solid and international reputation, the company Jetairfly (TUI fly Belgium) is however not immune to a delay, a cancellation or any other situation causing the embarrassment of the traveler .

Time saving

By using a specialized company instead of contacting the airline yourself, you save a lot of time.

Right to compensation

Delayed flight, Overbooked flight, Canceled flight, Missed connection 

– 1500 km 

€ 250

1500 km – 3500 km

€ 400

+ 3500 km 

€ 600

Legal experts to take charge of your steps

The formalities to make to expect a refund from Jetairfly or any other airline can be long and complex. The help of professionals can then be particularly useful.


It is in this state of mind that we offer assistance to travelers wishing to obtain compensation for a delay in theft: the legal experts are at the disposal of passengers and carry out for them all the paperwork related to their request. This service is completely free of charge and in the event of non-completion of your file, nothing will be charged to you. In the event of a successful outcome, a commission of 30% will be deducted from the amount of compensation. 

Fill out the form below :

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  •     Delay / Overbooking / Cancellation
  •     Ineligible file
    Delay / Overbooking / Cancellation

Eligibility criteria for compensation

– JetAirFly flight is delayed or canceled due to a technical problem on the aircraft

– The flight is delayed or canceled due to a problem with crew (flight time exceeded, driver sick, …)

– The flight is delayed or canceled because company goes on strike

– No reason is communicated to you by JetAirFly 

    Ineligible file

Cases where you can not be compensated

The delay is due to a weather problem. Be careful however, if JetAirFly announces a weather problem and the weather on departure or on arrival does not seem to you the cause, do not hesitate to submit your request with the reason “no reason given”. Our team checks the METAR (aeronautical weather data) to know if it is really the weather that is causing the delay.

The flight is delayed because of the air traffic controllers’ strike. This is an extraordinary circumstance and you will not be able to get compensation 

Jetairfly presentation

His other name “TUI Fly Belgium” may seem more familiar to you. This Belgian company, with a fleet of 27 aircraft and founded in 2004, provides international flights, including to Egypt, Tunisia or Mexico and the United States. TUI Fly is part of TUI Group, a German-based multinational representing the largest group in the world.


The services offered by Jetairfly are mainly focused on flights and car rentals to a clientele that organizes the trip itself, already having its own residence or traveling for business purposes … A multitude of services are added to this for satisfy a good number of travelers: “extra luggage” option, “pre-departure excursion reservation”, “cancellation insurance” and more.