Lost or damaged baggage: what can I do?

During your trip, you can expect at any time to have a problem with your baggage. Whatever your destination or the duration of your flight, your bag may have problems with the transfer.

There are several reasons for this inconvenience, but the consequences are numerous too. The most common is probably the lost suitcase or the damaged suitcase on the plane. It may also happen that your bag has been forcing the lock or even a theft of personal belongings. Everything can happen ! Yet each problem always has a solution depending on the airline you have chosen.

Problems encountered when traveling:

Among the most common problems during a trip, we noted three types of incidents.

Suitcase late

We are talking about a late suitcase when you have missed the recovery of your bag once arrived at your destination. It may also happen that your luggage is late because they did not land with you at the same time.

For this type of problem, it is important to inform the airport baggage department by indicating the suitcase tracking codes to facilitate the search. These codes are present on the passport or behind the boarding pass.

Lost or lost suitcase

In the event that your bag is lost, that is to say that it does not appear on the carpet of reception at the airport, it is necessary to address you as soon as possible with the luggage service of the airline company to inform them of the disappearance of your luggage.

In the case of an airline based in the European Union, the traveler must complete a document before leaving the airport. Part of this document will be returned to the baggage owner to track the lost baggage claim.

In case the loss of your bag has forced you to spend extra costs of necessity, you can request a refund of these costs within 21 days.

Suitcase damaged, broken, damaged

As each suitcase endures all kind of handling before arriving at the destination, travelers must expect everything.

In the hold, the luggage is facing any sort of routing. On the distribution trolleys, the luggage is stacked on top of each other. That’s why your suitcase may have small damage or scratches until recovery.

But when it comes to more damage or when the suitcase is very damaged, you can ask for a claim for compensation if this problem of suitcase arises. You will be given 7 days to make this request (depending on the carrier).

Claim, support and compensation

Taking charge of your lost luggage
It’s rare, but it’s not possible at all to have lost your luggage on a trip. Sometimes we wonder if it’s the airline that did not do its job well. Nevertheless, in case of loss of luggage, the airline offers compensation to compensate the price of your bag and your personal belongings.

Since each flight depends on an agreement (Montreal or Warsaw), it determines the amount of compensation for a permanent loss of luggage. By taking a plane, it is the airline that must take care of your luggage from registration to recovery.

So she owes you compensation if she was responsible for the loss. For this, the Warsaw Convention limits the compensation to 22 euros per kilo of checked luggage. As for that of Montreal, it amounts to 1350 euros.

Taking care of your damaged luggage
If your bag is overloaded, that is to say when it is too heavy or too big, it may happen that it suffers shocks in the hold.

Thus, if it involves significant damage or it is too damaged, or even broken during the recovery on the landing mat, compensation is required. The refund package still depends on the convention of your flight.

Compensation amounts to € 395 if your flight is subject to the Warsaw Convention or € 1,325 for the Montreal Convention.

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