MasterCard and Dream Payments Launch Real-Time Compensation System

Both partners have developed an API allowing insurers to compensate their customers in a simple and almost instantaneous way. A solution that could be very useful for travelers.

MasterCard and Dream Payments, a cloud payment platform dedicated to banks and insurers, have launched the Dream Claims Payment API. Based on the IBM cloud, this programming interface makes it possible to optimize insurers’ compensation management systems by offering an immediate and secure digital compensation solution. Thanks to this tool, the compensation is transferred directly to customers’ bank accounts and no longer processed via the sending of checks.

“Through our partnership with Dream Payments, we are reimagining how insurers can attract and retain consumers by optimizing systems and paying benefits to those who need it most in near real-time and digital,” said Zahir Khoja. , Senior Vice President Global Acceptance at MasterCard, in a press release.

An indispensable service for travelers?

Sometimes in an emergency situation in the face of the harms encountered during their stays, the travelers particularly need to be directly compensated. A solution such as that provided by the API Dream Claims Payment allows them to restore a certain comfort during delicate situations, even abroad.

In fact, travel insurer Travel Insured International will be the first insurer to use the interface to compensate customers in real time. “Our goal is to continually boost our customers’ travel experience and continually provide innovative solutions to anticipate and meet their growing customer needs,” said Jon Gehris, CEO of Travel Insured.

As well as Fluo, InsureMyTrip or AirHelp, the API of Dream Payments and Mastercard could prove to be an effective brick for Insurance in the field of Travel.

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