Ryanair: How to get around the extra baggage fees?

Famous for the numerous taxes it imposes on its customers, the low-cost airline Ryanair has recently introduced a new supplement on its flights. The tax too much for Lee Cimino, 30, who decided to do everything to dodge and who filmed his successful attempt!

“I love traveling with Ryanair,” he said in the press, they are always on time. I use this airline very often, the flights are not expensive and many great destinations are served. ”

But the new luggage legislation pushed him to devise an ingenious scheme to avoid paying a surplus!

Since November 1, 2018, a new rule has come into force on Ryanair flights: now passengers can no longer carry their luggage for free and must pay an additional £ 8 to put them in the cargo hold if their bag does not fit under the seat or if it weighs more than 10 kg.

“This new tax came into effect the day before my trip to Dublin,” says Lee Cemino. “Since I travel a lot, I’m pretty good at luggage, and I always try to get everything in my carry-on. When I heard the news, I looked at my old coat and tried to imagine what my tailors could do with it … “.

His idea is brilliantly simple: turn his coat into a travel bag! But for that, he must manage to get all his business in …

Lee Cimino talks about his project to a friend tailor: “In the shop, they were immediately packed and even added little tricks to them to ‘upgrade’ my coat!”.

Compartments are sewn all over the inside of the coat, and small plastic bags are added to allow Lee to store his toiletries. In a few hours, his cloak is ready!

Last piece of this stroke of genius, wide pants to place a pair of shoes and spare business and more! “By cons, they have not asked me for money yet, so I’m waiting for the bill …”.

Obviously, the virality of this video did not fail to make react the airline, by the voice of its spokesperson: “Thanks to a new policy of free of charge for small bags (40% bigger) and an option very inexpensive checked-in bag (£ 8 for a 10kg bag), Ryanair users can take everything they need without having to go with the Michelin Man or Joey look in Friends. a lot of positive feedback from our users in Europe about our new policy, which allows for faster check-in, more security and more punctuality “.

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