UK: Ryanair wins against “compensation hunters”

The London Court of Appeal ruled in favor of Ryanair against Bott & Co Solicitors Ltd, an “indemnity hunter”. The latter claimed from the low cost fees for helping customers to recover their compensation. The court found that the company had a simple process in place to allow passengers to file for late flight claims, online or by mail, without the assistance of a third party.

The Court of Appeal confirmed, on Tuesday, February 12, 2019, a decision of the London Supreme Court dating from 2018, concerning a complaint of Ryanair against Bott & Co Solicitors Ltd., a company called ” compensation hunters “, such as Airhelp, Fairplane, Air Indemnite, Hayward Baker, Sky Legal and Flightright.

The principle of these companies is to treat airline passengers in the place of their claim for compensation from the airlines, in exchange for commissions or fees on the amount of the reimbursement.

Ryanair, which has set up a dedicated passenger compensation team to handle all valid claims within 10 working days, therefore rejected Bott & Co Solicitors Ltd.’s claim for compensation. costs they can not recover from customers who have been compensated directly by Ryanair”, said the low cost in a statement.

The Court of Appeal ruled that Ryanair’s procedure “allows a passenger to claim compensation with a minimum of effort” and endorsed the findings of the London Supreme Court last year, according to which “Ryanair has in place a simple process allowing its passengers to file their claims for flight delays, online or by mail, without the assistance of a third party “.

The company also calls the passengers “EU261 valid claim holders to submit their claims directly and they will receive 100% of their compensation without deduction of excessive costs”.

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