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Traveling by plane can sometimes look like a real obstacle course ... Big delay, cancellation of flight or denied boarding are all bad surprises that can have negative consequences on your course. It is therefore legitimate that in these situations the passengers wish to receive compensation.

Often misinformed, it is however complex for the passenger to take the necessary steps alone. If you have been the victim of a flight delay, cancellation or overbooking with Volotea and want to know your rights and how to claim them, you are in the right place. 

Time saving

By using a specialized company instead of contacting the airline yourself, you save a lot of time.

Right to compensation

Delayed flight, Overbooked flight, Canceled flight, Missed connection 

- 1500 km 

€ 250

1500 km - 3500 km

€ 400

+ 3500 km 

€ 600

Legal experts to take charge of your steps

In order to assert your rights, it is necessary to make a written claim to the airline. The latter then has a period of two months to respond. This step is often difficult because it is not always easy to know if you can claim compensation. Communicating with carrier customer service can be complicated.


That's why you can call in experts who take over from carriers and manage the legal aspect of your claim. This service, completely free, does not engage you in anything. Only in case of completion of your request, a commission of 30% (ATI) of the amount of your compensation will be charged to you. 

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  • EU regulations
  •     Delayed flight
  •     Overbooking / Cancellation
EU regulations

The compensation of passengers: a European regulation

As you may have noticed, airlines, and especially low-cost airlines such as Volotea are generally reluctant to pay the compensation claimed by passengers due to a flight delay or cancellation.

Thus, on February 17, 2005, the European Regulation (EC) 261/2004 was put in place to protect the rights of passengers. 

You can claim compensation if:

- you are a passenger from a member state of the EU, Norway, Iceland or Switzerland;

- you are a passenger flying from a country other than the EU Member States, Norway, Iceland or Switzerland but the airline on which you are traveling is based in EU. 

    Delayed flight

My flight Volotea was delayed

In case of delay, you may be entitled to refreshments, a meal or overnight accommodation. Depending on the length of the delay and the length of your flight, a transfer to the airport can also be offered.

Anyway, beyond 5 hours late, you will be entitled, if you decide to cancel your trip, to refund your ticket.

    Overbooking / Cancellation

My flight Volotea was canceled or I was denied boarding

In case your flight is canceled, the law requires the airline to grant you monetary compensation or if you wish, on a good trip.

Your compensation will be 250 € for a flight up to 1,500 km. For a journey going from 1500 to 3500 km and for all the intra-community flights, you will be entitled to a compensation of 400 €. The airline will pay you 600 € in all other cases. 

What is overbooking?

Over time, airlines have noticed that many passengers do not board their flight for several reasons. Thus, to reduce the number of empty seats and have a full plane even in case of withdrawal of passengers, the airlines are selling more tickets than seats available on the plane. 

How can the passenger get compensation?

The practice of overbooking causes some passengers to be denied boarding at the airport. Fortunately, the EU has laws in place to protect them. So when you are a victim of overbooking, you must ask Volotea to give you a written certificate indicating the terms of the claim.

It should be noted that when you are victim of an overbooking against your will, airline must obligatorily compensate you and also offer you the choice between a refund of your ticket or a re-routing as soon as possible. If you choose to be rerouted, then Volotea must take care of you.

This support includes: Your restoration; Communications (e-mails, two phone calls); Your accommodation (and your transfer between the airport and the accommodation) if the departure is scheduled for the next day. 

Volotea presentation

Is a low-cost Spanish airline founded in 2012 and linking the regional, small and medium-sized cities of Europe with each other by providing direct and non-stop flights.